Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The All-Trade Bait Team

In honor of the recently lapsed trade deadline - I bring to you my "All-Trade bait Team". There's quite a haul of hitting talent on the team, but a definite lack of defensive ability. While some of these players were actively shopped, others were only dangled out there for a short period of time in fits of desperation. So, without further ado, the starting line-up:

C: Javy Lopez. Sure, he can't really catch anymore, but let's not let technicalities get in the way. The market was barren for catchers, and with the sinking Orioles trying to rid themselves of certain contracts, Lopez was available.

1b: Ryan Shealy OR Sean Casey. I like Shealy, but at least Casey has a track record in MLB. Neither is fantastic defensively.

2b: Ronnie Belliard. There were some solid, but not spectacular, 2b on the market, including Mark Loretta, Tony Graffanino, Todd Walker, and Ronnie Belliard. I took the latter. He's got a little pop and isn't as limited defensively as some of the other options.

3b: Mike Lowell. He has cooled off a little bit, but has slugged this season, while hitting for a solid average, being a positive presence in the clubhouse, and playing very well at 3b.

SS: Julio Lugo. I know Miguel Tejeda was on the market, but his range is so abysmal right now that scouts around the league think he needs a positional change, or to take over as fulltime DH. So I'm going with Julio Lugo who can swing the bat with some power, as well as flash the glove. However, who know what he'd do in an actual pennant race, he hasn't exactly had a lot of experience there . . .

LF: Alfonso Soriano. This was a tough call with Carlos Lee available, but he slots in later . . . As for Soriano, the man has feasted in the NL, and would be wise to stay in the weaker league where he doesn't see as many breaking balls (which added to his K totals) when he resigns somewhere as a free agent.

CF: Andruw Jones. He's still in his prime, despite being in the league for a decade! Jones is an above-average CF who would be hitting better if placed in a lineup where he wasn't required to be then ENTIRE offense.

RF: Bobby Abreu. He's had a tough season power-wise, but the atmosphere in Philly seems to be a huge component in their losing ways. His defense isn't as good as hyped, but he sure can hit and get on base.

DH: Carlos Lee. This was tough because I was tempted with Pat Burrell and Miguel Tejeda, among others. But in the end I like that Lee has phenomenal success with very little production around him at times.

SP: Roger Clemens. While he wasn't made available because of the owner, he would have approved a trade to one team - the Boston Red Sox. Clemens' record doesn't relay his continued dominance because of the poor offense, but he's still dealing.

SP: Roy Oswalt. He was dangled for a slugger, via the Red Sox. Oswalt has a track record of success and is still young.

SP: Greg Maddux. Maddux is a professional, through and through, and has had a successful season for an awful squad.

SP: Kip Wells. Wells has had some success as of late. He was also better than the majority of the pitching options that were made available.

SP: Jake Westbrook. The Indians briefly dangled him, but there wasn't much coming back. Westbrook is average, but has had some runs of success.

RP: Aaron Heilman
RP: Scott Linebrink
RP: Rheal Cormier
RP: Bob Wickman
SU: Tom Gordon
CL: Brad Lidge. He's had a tough time this year, but he's got some serious stuff. I'd take a risk that all he needs is a change of scenery.


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good stuff JJ.
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